A World Without Internet

Have you ever thought of a world today without any internet connection? Or would you wonder what if it could happen? Oh my God... what can I do without it? I could be blank for socializing, information, and many more.

If you were living here at the small town like Sambas, the wonder you will feel by yourself. No "warnet" or "cybercafe" or any public internet connection here. You'll feel like you lost in a big jungle huh?!!!

Recently, speedy has just arrived in Sambas, but for who the hell is this connection to? For "poor" people like me? Uhhh... NO! That's just for they who have a phone line (home phone - should I call it that?). But, for how much bandwidth or how much data rate we have I we subscribe to Speedy? Or for How Many Hours a month? Too limited and NO Freedom anyway....

Fortunately, we still have GSM operators here, so we can still get connected everywhere anywhere anytime we want it. But, once again, the cost is tooooooo hiiiigghhhh!!!! With it's bad reputation of using GPRS (recently), the conveinient of using this connection seems to be nothing now. How do you feel if you get connected for a minute and disconnected in a while for hours? Uhhhhhh..... very very unpleasant indeed.

I just kinda mad on this situation, but what can I do? The connection have been like this since a year ago. And no improvement having done by any of the three operators: T-Sel, XL, I-Sat. As a consumer I just can hope for the better, but sometimes the hope still be a hope for nothing.

Best luck!


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