Lately Late Night Rest

I start it at our late Ramadhan. I used to browse and blog at 2 or 3 am everyday during the Ramadhan. Now I'm getting used to (it seems). I wake up at 00.30 am and start blowing my eyes again. It hurts, but it's fun on the other side.

The ideas to write on my blog simply come at late night like this, and actually the posting hour of every post I made was at late night indeed. You know, it sometimes hard for me to think at noon or day, and the rest hour I take everyday just for the sleeping time. I kinda "kluang man" now (don't know how to say about it).

The passion to write every words simply using my "poor" English is really really like having a time to be with a girl friend (hehe... a new phrase I don't know how to say). This is all for nothing sometimes but I got many things in feedback. How do I handle this, my time to rest has been so far cut out by my blogging activity and I don't have much time to take even a nap. My God, I suffer some kinda imsomnia lately.

I ever have not slept for about 24 hours, and it was just because I blog and socialize on forums. The Satellite Forums, the English Forums, the social networking such as Friendster (I am back again to Friendster lately) and many more activites.

If I just found a formula to get to sleep and rest deep for some times. I could possibly get my body healthier now.

Best luck!


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