Today Flexinet Seems Rather Trouble

Don’t know what’s going on there with Flexinet, but since this afternoon the connection seems to lost with any web server we try to connect with. I use my own PC at home and another PC in the office, but the result is the same. I ping Facebook web for certain but it seems OK just as nothing of any trouble happen.


Hmm…. could this be a virus activity in there, inside the system (Windows)? It could be! But as long as I remember, I don’t use any flashdisk plug and play between my own PC at home and the PC in the office today. But, when if it should the virus come from the internet, why my antivirus did not warn me of any incoming attack.

Perhaps, I should run some check to be sure of this problem. A full system scanning should answer wether this is all because an illegal activity of a virus or just some minor problem out there on the Telkom Flexi connection.


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