Need New Bag For My Laptop

It’s been about a year I don’t use my old DELL laptop’s bag since my old laptop has got to stop operating because I lost its screen which crashed. There I bought a new one, an small one which many call it as netbook. I forgot to asked the seller for its bag, really forgot about it. So, I just use an ordinary backpack which never suit the case.

I have thought about buying a new bag or backpack since it’s hard to me to take my little netbook when I have to travel back to my village which is far about 35 KM away from the city I live now. When I use the old DELL bag, it must be too big and too heavy to carry as I just use (or have) my motorbike to travel. That’s sometimes really annoying.

Well, at least the backpack or laptop bag that I need for the netbook (EEEPC 701) has to match its size of about 30 cm long and 25 cm wide. Little bit tiny indeed, but that’s why I love carrying my netbook when I travel around because I can not be far away from internet and computer activities.

This is my recent backpack which I usually bring on my traveling around:


(My really old backpack)

I need a new one, it should be like this (at least):


I have searched along and found a good place to see, here’s many suitable bags and backpacks I think. Just click here if you think you need new bag just as mine, then find yours to pick up.


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