How to start with Linux OS?

I have just found a very easy to digest article about how to get started using Linux in general overview. It mainly discuss for people who are really new to Linux. It’s not that hard indeed, but as usual a newbie will face some difficulty to integrate to a new environment especially on using an Operating System that totally new.

A general outline on how to get started with Linux would be helping you much to where you must start first before you really use Linux on your daily computerized activities such as typing and printing. Before you can operate Linux Operating System you must first to know how to install it to your PC. The installation would be too difficult if you don’t careful on deciding wether to install it to your first hard disk or if you may just have one hard drive in your CPU case.

Step by step installation from deciding the partition to use, make the primary partition, then boot your Linux LiveCD/DVD, and last, to install it on to your partition that you have made. Generally all the installation procedure of Linux distribution (distro) is similar, so you won’t really face a hard time if you would like to change to other distro the other time. Well, you may want to know more about it by point and click your mouse here: A general outline on how to get started with Linux. You will get more on this understanding how easy Linux is.

Instead of reading about Linux, I found some interesting topic here on that web, it may or really nothing to do about Linux. But I think you would like to read:

Didactic Science through Art with Diego Rivera

Well, that’s all for now, wish you enjoy it, and gain more knowledge about Linux. And don’t forget, it’s not that hard to use Linux as your main operating system for your PC.


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