Working As Civil Servant

Working as civil servant for over three and a half years seems doesn't change my life at all except that I turn to be more kind of a high consuming people. The salary I get every month doesn't fit all of my needs anymore. This could be why there are mainly civil servant practising what so called "KKN" or in other name "Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism".

But, that evil thing still out of my thought, gratefully I can avoid this action in my life. Instead, being amongst the practitioner it feels like being burned in the fire all the time. I don't know how to behave honestly infront of this kind of people. They're doing good at a time, but turning to be evil in another time. How can I judge on them?

Sadly, this situation always bother my brain. I've thought that someday I could have resigned from this job and work on other fields that suit my desires. I love computer and internet, possibly I could turn this kinda hobby to some money to run my daily life as a father and husband at the same time.

It is being on rumour that at the end of this month there should be the "civil servant recruitment" in Sambas City. Wether it is right or wrong, I don't have a valid source of information on that issue. Rumour sometimes just to be a rumour. But if it were right, then there will be one more rush to take the seat to the government office. I don't know what some reasons that trigger the unemployee to work as a civil servant, but in my case I think because I lacked of skills to build my own business.

Should all of us work as civil servant to run our life best? My answer should be "NO!" If we can be some more creative and able to create our own jobs, why not just do on our own way. Why not just be our own boss by doing such as a home business that should make you to work by 7 to 15 daily, five days a week, every month.

If you were a kind of people who love FREEDOM in everything you do, the the attribute of Civil Servant should not be yours.

Think about it very deeply!


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