Why Maxx?

In my blogging and internet socializing experience, I have used my nickname as "Maximal Prime". It was purposely done as I love my cartoon hero i.e. Transformers and the leader ofcourse the "Optimus Prime" that lately on "Beast Wars" turned to "Maximal Prime" as the robotic body is on the beast mode.

I love this cartoon so much, therefore I try to build my personality like this as the maximalprime. In fact, I were I and me is me, there's nothing change in my real personality life. Budiarno is still Budiarno, still like everybody else, buddy for everyone.

A year past, I have an idea to change my too long nickname by cut some of the letters and then produced a new one, "maxx". I'd never thought that there were a trade mark of a satellite receiver company which is on this name too. I didn't even think of it before, the receiver called "maxx" is also out there sold to be one of the good receiver in satellite tv reception.

Even this is all done in my socializing activity on the internet by participating in some forums, I use this nickname freely and by no means of icons for any products. In another situation I use an addition to this nickname by a new icon of my personality, "tomlase". Therefore, you guys can call me "Maxx Tomlase" or "maxx" by short.

My Real Life identity is:

Name: Budiarno

Address: Jl. Sukaramai No. I 8 Sambas

Phone: +62562 3303744

GSM: 081352058305

More about me later, as the posting goes on.


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