Learn Over Learning

Well, as I've said on my previous postings, I am now learning on Google Adsense that is money making online. And therefore I by myself unfortunately have to change all the Indonesian language used over my posts to English in order to play safe as Google TOS says.

I'm terribly sorry for this inconveinient, but I must do this from now. Step by step, post by post from today, will be fully English and I have to change the older post too into English one. Once again this is due to play as the rules take control over. I don't have another choice. This is all for learning purposes that I wanna take from now, no matter like or dislike here are.

Please help me for this by supporting my English through crtics and suggestions. Support me to do this without regret.

This http://budiarno.blogspot.com is still the main blog of mine, but the situation is now different. Diffrent language with diffrent purpose. But, still the learning process has taken the lead on my mind, because I love education, and I have my motto runs still: "Long Life Education".

Help me improve my English by comments on my post and give any voice from your thought. If you think it were wrong, say it loud to me. And if you think something good, please help me to give more valuable lesson and social interacts.

Every post by now will be displayed on full length article mode. No more "Read More", the only post on the main page will be only one post full article. Remind me if you found something wrong, remember that! And share your knowledge here by comments, is it OK?

OK, that's all for now, we will see in the next posts to come. Thanks so much!


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