Blogging Inspirations

Inspired by many articles I read about blogging and its money making tips, I have a thought to do as what the many writers have done in their career. What was it? Being a writer for my personal blog and monetize it. Is it that simple? No!

Ofcourse it’s not that simple to talk than action. I should have my plan to do what next and what have I done so far. If writing has to be my future life, that I will do it gladly. But, for now I just do blogging for fun and practise my writing skill to make it more better and better. Once in a while, I also want to practise my English capability that has long never been showed up.

I realized my English still to be fixed to get interacted with people through my writings. But, also as I write on this blog, I should learn something new that has something to do with English building skill. Ofcourse and indeed I’ll do my best.

I lost my spirit to work in the government office since last year, and I think that I could possibly quit my job someday and be a full blogger of my own, at the same time be my own boss at home office. I don’t know why, but this is really coming from my deeply heart. I just heard that what ever you want you’ll always have the way to reach it. I wish I can do it in five years to come.

Surely many still want to be a civil servant and work for the government, but since I realize what I am in this field I just found my way to “home”. And really I have a great desire to quit this 7 to 15 job like this time. I wanna make it happen!


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