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Having some time to search for a business online and make money by blogging (make a post), I found this website to be one of the best, it is Blog Advertising Store dot com. As I stated before on my previous post that I want to seriously take part of the business which can give me some buck for my empty pocket, I then seriously joined this paid to blog business.

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The offer has to be one of the reasons I choose to join with this paid to blog. The approval process does not take too long to wait. I just need about half of the day after I submitted my blog (i.e. this one), and after reviewing it, they accept my application. I was really surprised because my blog has a low pagerank by now.

I learn a lot about how does this work to take part on their blog. I realize that this is not an easy way to make money online especially by just writing a blog. But I do my best to be professional on my writing so that I will take more opportunity on gaining more chance to make money over my writing skill. As I still think that I’m just a new beginner on the field therefore I will learn more and more to gain a perfect to my future appearance especially on writing to make money.

Having joined to paid to blog job as such Blog Advertising Store dot com, we still need some preparation. Build a quality blog first, register on for an account, then submit your blog for the approval. If we’re approved, take the opportunity and write your job. If we’re lucky and our job approved, we get the payment as the offered amount. Don’t forget, make a paypal account first, this is important to have an online payment.

Monetizing your blog does not mean to ever lower your pagerank. If you have written a quality post, this will give you a positive effect later on. Write as if you don’t do any paid review posting. Do it (write) as what you think about what’s your going to write about. Don’t be stressed down by the preferences it needs you to write. Just what’s on your mind.

So, take no waste time, start from now, if you have your blog for just a fun by now, why not get some money to pay for the domain, and be a professional writer for your own blog?

Think of it and get your success. Have a nice writing!


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