I lost my files

During this week, my day seems to be in a very unpleasant touch. I lost my files on my first hard drive, this is all because of a virus that I don't have a chance to know or see the detail of it. My files... I have collected so far is now gone, what a terrible moment, I just wanna cry for that.

My internet connection then drop to none, I lost contact to cyberspace... uuuggghhhh!!! But I don't give up and do the best for my PC, reinstall it. On the day it was infected I struggled fixing the PC. The result is so far so good, but many to fix in the future especially the security part of it.

The AVIRA that I choose to install before was very good, just my thought that wasn't good. I tend to reinstall this AntiVirus in a short while, but not now. I have to focus on some issue that I've missed to post days before.

Wish I can give you more in the coming days. Just wait and see guys! Thanks for visiting and reading my articles. Best luck!


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