Learning by doing

Learning English is fun if you know the basic concept of how to master this kinda capibility. You need some spirit from inside to learn it from now on. Be patient! If you wanna be like others that have the language on their everyday conversation.

Try learning by “doing”, it’s alway the best way of learning. Learning by doing is how you implement any concept or theory you got wether it was from reading a book or posting just like now. In my practise I learn the basic from the really simple book just like the kindergarden book with its simple words and sentences. Read more, and sometimes if you wanna practise more in writing, do it.

In my past experience (that was in my secondary school), I watched a lot of some programs in television which has nothing to do with my mother tongue. I tried hard to listen to the word by word the presenter said and talk to his/her friends. In some cases, I also tried by repeating what had been said in a louder voice. This kinda practise helps me with my speaking ability and pronunciation which then look like the native speaker.

Infact, my native language is Indonesian and specifically “Sambasian”. I do have watched many television program which were in fully English and even there wasn’t any subtitle provided, for example in cartoon or movies that I loved to watch. This is the callenge indeed. I practise a lot in listening, so therefore when I was still in university my mark so higher than my friends and even the highest of all.

My weakness is still in practising the speaking and direct conversation. There always some nerveous to speak with other people. I don’t know how to handle and work with this kinda situation. But my suspicion is because I don’t have even a friend to speak to. This what would be the problem with the students at our schools. The conversation rarely takes place in the learning process. Much of our time spent on leaning the “grammar” and “structure” of the language, not how to speak the language as it should be.

So, what do we do now? Practise and practise! You’ll get more by practise and this is how you learn it by doing!


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