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One of the best source of how to make money online with Google Adsense is the Dr. Adsense, Joel Comm ( I love reading his ebook especially on the Adsense Secrets Editions. The latest version is Adsense Secret 4, which you can get it for free by registering to his web program at What's in there? Let's take a look the inside discussion.


Part 1 are discussing on:

1. The Basics: Building Your Site

2. Naming Your Site

3. Choosing A hosting Service

4. Designing the site

5. Creating Content

6. Getting Started with

7. ... Or Google's Page Creator

8. Search Engine Optimization

9. Links


Part 2 are discussing on:

1. Ad Formats: "Dress" Your Ads For Success!

2. Don't look like an ad

3. Meet the Adsense Family

4. Text Ads - Google's Finest

5. Image Ads - Built to be ignored

6. Video Ads

7. Link Units - Great Little Stocking Fillers

8. Expanded Text Ads - Shrinking Control or Expanded Income?

9. Seasons Greeting With Themed Units...........


And many more discussion for 25 parts in all. Joel is popular with its Google Adsense income to reach five figure (digits) i.e. per month. That's an amazing part of this ebook all about, how to duplicate his success so we can make our own too.


After reading this book, you'll find anything you should know about this money making tips. If you hard to find this book, don't feel sorry, I try to discuss some methods I take from many resources including this ebook which really works and easily implemented. Stay tuned... Best luck and thanks!


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